Our Process

At Redwood Financial Network, enhancing the client experience is our primary focus.  Although we are comprehensive in approach and holistic in nature, we understand that the client may call upon us to fit into their existing team.  We believe in a fiduciary standard in our relationships, thus the majority of our asset management accounts are on a fee basis.  We are firmly committed to working with a limited number of families per advisor, ensuring that we have time available to dedicate to each relationship.

Our Process Is Simple:

As your partner, we are committed to helping you accomplish your unique financial goals and objectives. After developing a thorough understanding of your risk tolerance and short- and long-term goals, we will work together to create a customized financial plan designed specifically for you. In order to accomplish this, we will take you through the 5 simple process.  


The first step is to call us at (800) 950-4902 or fill out the form by clicking here to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors.


To better understand your risk tolerance, investment goals, and financial planning needs, you will need to complete two brief questionnaires in preparation for our meeting.  We will email or mail them to you.


The first meeting is our chance to listen to you and fully understand what you want to pursue. The information we obtain will indicate whether you could benefit from our services. This is also an opportunity for you to get to know us. In order for us to work together, we must pass four tests.

  1. Chemistry Test: Do we like each other?
  2. Minimum Assets / Income / Savings Rate Test
  3. Goal Test: Are your goals realistic?
  4. Value Test: Can we add value to what you are already doing?


During the presentation, we provide a clear and concise analysis of your financial life, identifying both strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, we will provide you with a customized analysis, which outlines your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Finally, we will provide strategies, including investment recommendations, to help you pursue your financial goals.


Once we implement your plans, it is important to continue to meet at least once a year to monitor the progress and make any changes as we see fit.

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