May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Do you really want to live without this coverage? If you forgo it, you may pay a high price. Disability insurance is an important insurance coverage that most people lack. Many people think of it as optional – when they think of it at all. Have you thought about it? If you are a parent… Read More

Using an IRA Trust

What is it? What kind of benefit could it provide? Seemingly everyone has heard of an IRA, but few people know about IRA trusts. Perhaps more people should, for an IRA trust may provide a way to “stretch” IRA assets for decades to benefit multiple generations. An IRA trust is simply a revocable living trust… Read More

Moving Into a Nursing Home Facility

What you and your loved ones need to know At some point, someone you love may make the transition from living at home to residing at an assisted-living facility or nursing home. When should that transition occur, and what factors must be considered along the way? And what don’t these facilities tell you? When is… Read More

Seeing That Mom & Dad Take Their Medications

Part of a series on how to care for your aging parents. How can you make sure that your parents are following their medication schedules? Can you check up on that without feeling as if you are snooping or violating their privacy? You can, and you can do so respectfully. You may have to at… Read More

Life Insurance with Long Term Care Riders

As conventional LTC policies grow costlier, alternatives have emerged. The price of long term care insurance is really going up. If you are a baby boomer and you have kept your eye on it for a few years, chances are you have noticed much costlier premiums for LTC coverage today compared to several years ago.… Read More

How Can LTC Insurance Help You Protect Your Assets?

Plan to create a pool of healthcare dollars that will be available in any market. How will you pay for long term care? The sad fact is that most people don’t know the answer to that question. But a potential solution is available. Many baby boomers are opting to make long term care coverage an… Read More

A Tax Break for LTC Hybrids

Pay for long term care without paying taxes on an annuity withdrawal. A tax break with an additional benefit. Did you know that, since taking effect in 2010, you are allowed to withdraw money from a certain kind of annuity without paying taxes as long as you use it to pay for qualified long term… Read More