Changes to Paycheck Protection

Bill Gordon, AIF® On Monday, Feb. 22, the White House announced several changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that went into effect on Wednesday, Feb. 24. These changes are intended to further target “the smallest businesses and those that have been left behind in previous relief efforts.” This information has been taken from … Continue reading Changes to Paycheck Protection

Group Life for a Growing Business?

Bill Gordon, AIF® As companies grow and add employees, they also add employee benefits. Retirement and medical plans can be provided, but what about group life insurance?  Group life on the menu? Owner-operators know that group life coverage can help attract excellent workers, but some are anxious about the cost and suspect they are just … Continue reading Group Life for a Growing Business?

5 Quick Highlights of the New Stimulus

Bill Gordon, AIF® After a bit of political back and forth in December, the $900 billion Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (2021 CAA) was signed into law by President Trump as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact employers and employees. Here’s a quick recap of five key highlights: Stimulus Checks: The new law authorized a … Continue reading 5 Quick Highlights of the New Stimulus

What is a SEP IRA?

As Director of Retirement Plan Services, this is a question I hear frequently. A Simplified Employee Pension plan (SEP) is an easy, low-cost option for small business owners to provide retirement benefits for employees (including themselves). This retirement plan option allows for an employer to contribute directly to an individual retirement account for all employees. … Continue reading What is a SEP IRA?