Does the Financial Advisor on your company’s 401k retirement plan provide these 5 important services?

Providing a Retirement Plan for the employees of your business can be confusing. The responsibilities of running a business is complex enough without adding additional concerns and duties. The role of a Financial Advisor for your plan is integral in the proper running of the retirement plan. The team helping with the administration of your… Read More

Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Rise for 2018

Slight increases have been made due to mild inflation. You will able to put a little more into your workplace retirement account in 2018. The federal government has boosted the annual contribution limit on some of the popular qualified retirement plans thanks to inflation and made other adjustments worth noting. Contribution limits for 401(k)s are… Read More

How much money should I contribute to my 401k?

This question is posed frequently to financial advisors. The answer is not the same for everyone. Based on resources, expenses, years until retirement, an individual’s need differs. However, most of my contemporaries would agree it is good to contribute as much as you can. A very minimum savings level for employees who receive an elective… Read More

What does “safe harbor plan” mean?

A safe harbor 401k plan is a retirement plan that has specific methods outlined to guarantee the plan is meeting non-discrimination requirements. A safe harbor plan protects all employees from favorable treatment to any employees in the distribution of retirement contributions. The plans require one of two options for the employer to contribute to the… Read More

What’s the difference between ROTH and Traditional 401k contributions, my plan offers both?

Like Individual Retirement Accounts(IRA), some 401k plans offer options in the taxation of YOUR 401k contributions. ROTH – these contributions allow the employee to report their contribution as taxable income for the current tax year. Because they pay the taxes on the contributions in the current tax year, the future growth may be tax-free and… Read More