What does Benchmarking a 401(k) plan mean?

The financial world is notorious for acronyms and vocabulary thrown out in general conversation with the assumption all know what they mean. “ Benchmarking a plan” is exemplary of this situation. The term/phrase is used frequently and often times the individual responsible for the 401(k) retirement plan has no idea what it means. Benchmarking your … CONTINUE READING

Quick Guide: 9 Points You Better Know About Your 401(k)

Does your employer offer a retirement plan option? Do you contribute to it? Do you understand how it works? I have experienced much confusion about a 401(k) plan. If your employer provides one, or if you are an employer considering adding one, look over this quick guide for common areas of confusion. What is a … CONTINUE READING

Does the Financial Advisor on your company’s 401k retirement plan provide these 5 important services?

Providing a Retirement Plan for the employees of your business can be confusing. The responsibilities of running a business is complex enough without adding additional concerns and duties. The role of a Financial Advisor for your plan is integral in the proper running of the retirement plan. The team helping with the administration of your … CONTINUE READING