At the White House on November 15th, President Biden signed a $1T bipartisan infrastructure set to enable enhancements for transportation and utilities over the next five years, while adding jobs to many parts of the country.  There will be a myriad of different areas that will hopefully see plans come to fruition.

Over those five years, $550 billion will be invested into both the physical infrastructure of the nation (roads, highways, and rail) as well as bringing broadband internet to areas it hasn’t been previously available.

As usual when there are big headlines in the news you need to ask yourself “How does this change what I am trying to accomplish.”  Most of the time the answer will be that it doesn’t.  A good financial plan should account for many different variables as you move towards retirement.  While there is a good chance that the signing of this bill won’t change what your goals, it is still a good reason to reach out to your financial professional and make sure you are still on track.  Especially if you haven’t done so recently.

Aside from the bill there are other headlines like inflation that will not seem to go away.  Do your best to not get caught up in all the noise and stay true to your initial plan.  Then update your plan when your goals change. 

We would love to help you construct your financial plan if you haven’t already done so.  Our clients tend to feel that having a written financial plan helps them be more confident when there are headlines that dominate the airwaves.  Take your first step today by reaching out to us for your discovery call.