Just married? Recently married? Congratulations! Now is the time to think about the future. The dreams you might pursue. The experiences you might share. The family you might start.

Whatever your path through life will be, one thing is certain: it is time to think about life insurance.

Marriage is usually the life event that makes people think about insuring themselves. After people marry, they commonly assume greater financial obligations. Debt levels tend to be higher, as well as expenses.

As no one wants to leave their spouse or family with a staggering financial burden in the wake of their passing, life insurance may be the best decision financially and morally.

Some companies provide their employees with life insurance, but it may be a mistake to rely on it. What if you change or lose your job? That insurance might disappear and you would be left at risk.

Life insurance can be cheap – remarkably cheap in comparison to the financial toll that can result from dying uninsured and unprepared. Would you want financial irresponsibility to be part of your legacy? Certainly not.

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